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Do you want to digitalize your business operation and succeed in business analysis, cutting cost, faster & simpler processes and creating competitive advantage? In the infographic bellow we offer you 5 clear steps how to get there.

For those who know the meaning of both terms - Risk Management and Corporate Governance, question of how are they connected may seem obvious at the first look. But when we go deeper we figure out about hidden parts that if we don't explore, we may put our organization at a huge risk!

As we all know, Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is increasingly viewed as a key management theme every corporation must pursue. Not only investors pay close attention to the sustainability performance of the investee companies, but nowadays more and more potential employees are interested in the ethical impact of an investment in their...

It is obvious that when you cannot explain what you want, you fail to get it from your team!
Strategy plans should be simple, clear and easy to start. The start point is important and if people do not understand it they never start it. Basically by designing sophisticated plans, we lose the chance of implementation.

There is difference between metrics and KPIs. KPIs are focused on measuring performance but metrics are more general. Any measurement can be a metric. For example number of people in different phase of a project is a metric but any measurement on reducing cycle time is a KPI since it is directly relevant to performance.

When we start setting up KPIs and addressing it to people and teams, everyone specifically higher management of the company is excited. They assume that from the day after, the profit of the company will jump to the next level remarkably and all other problems including, retention rate, Effectiveness, Employee satisfaction and etc. will be solved...

Let me tell you a story in the very beginning. Two guys were walking the same road and everything was great until they reached to a wall. They had no ladder and the wall was quite high. One of them sat in the shadow and started thinking. The other one was getting crazy and tired. He couldn't face the situation....

As leaders what we should focus on, is setting fair, doable but challenging targets so that we move forward based on the strategy map of our organization.

We use scorecards of our company and in lower level, we use the scorecards of our departments to measure how good we are aligned with our strategy and how fast we are moving towards our company objectives.

During my consultancy experience, many people asked me how many scorecards we have. They were wondering if there is a standard scorecard or template that they can use.

When we are reporting scorecards of companies, our executive boards are expecting something extra. Something that they didn't have time for it or they don't have enough information about and this is our job to tell them the story. We need to inform them about two simple things:

I have seen many board members in my life that are successful in creating their strategy map and connecting all four pillars of their balanced scorecard but after a while they get confused and things get disconnected.